About Cynthia

My name is Cynthia Sciandra.  I hope you have enjoyed exploring my art and my corner of the world.  Capturing the spirit and history of the earth and igniting other's art is my passion.
I am an educator and explorer.  I have lived in Mexico and taught in Japan.  Traveling and exploring different worlds are my passions. I strive to bring the world into my artwork and classes.

With my art, I hope to make an impact on our world.  I donate 10% to animal rescues. I also host 100% auctions for important, emergency relief. This world is so incredible.  Each animal has a soul, a spirit.  I strive to capture what we can see beyond our eyes.  My goal is to make an impact on animals, especially endangered and their environment.  
One day, I hope to use my platforms to visit different animal preserves, shine a light on what they do, paint and auction for their causes. Often, art only shines light on a problem, I truly hope to make an incredible impact on this world through my art.
PS, Remember to be kind to each other and continue to be your wonderful artistic self!
Feel free to e-mail me- info@messyelephant.com