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I love to inspire and help others discover their inner artist so this world can become an even more amazing place!

Open Studios, Classes and Events are coming soon to Main Street Clarion!

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Celestial Beings

Coming soon- My latest body of work is in progress and evolving. Don't miss each new installment and the Opening Exhibition of Clestial Beings! Join my Community today!

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The Interconnected Series

The interconnected series is about saving endangered species through conserving  their habitats! It's time we start preserving their habitat. Each animal is a composition of their surrounding world, just as the environment is made of them. 

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My name is Cynthia Sciandra (SHAWN-dra).

I am an internationally trained artist. I have shown in France, Spain, Japan, the UK and the USA.

My passion is to capture the essence of nature. Every flora and fauna has their own spirit, their own soul. It is our job to honor and protect this precious world.

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